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Tally On Cloud

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Tally On Cloud

Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud uses Sunsofts’ AppOnCloud an on-demand application delivery solution that comprises application virtualization and session virtualization technologies. It enables any Windows application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the data center and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. A single server can support more than 20-50 users, scaled beyond 1,000 servers in a single implementation, and ensure 99.999 percent application availability.

AppOnCloud allows a user to access applications and data on a remote server over Internet, using Remote Desktop Protocol or browser. Only the user interface of an application is made accessible and any input from client system is redirected to the server, where all application execution takes place. This is also called as application virtualization, while the data and application are published on a centralized server, and streamed to the client on-demand and then executed on the client machine.

Permitted users with limited or full access can use the application GUI as if it were accessed locally using the resources of local computer like printer, COM ports, speakers, keyboard, mouse and disk drives. The UI for the RemoteApp is rendered in a window over the local desktop, and is managed like any other window for local applications. The end result of this is that remote applications behave largely like local applications. The user can access and manage his data share on the remote server using virtual private network technology. AppOnCloud provides innovative user profiling and assessment methodology for analyzing the various roles within an organization and their suitability to adopt workspace virtualization. This methodology provides an end-to-end solution to a customer, starting with user segmentation, defining various workspace usage roles, identification of best-fit users, creation of high level design and definition of a business case.

AppOnCloud provides services such as on-demand application delivery, automated workflow-based provisioning, usage-based metering and charge back, along with the freedom to choose your own workspace from a service catalog. The entire service enables freedom from desktop management overhead while ensuring the boundaries of data security. The solution is made possible by industry leading technologies such as Windows Server Hyper-V, application-level virtualization enabled by Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), and management provided by Microsoft System Center.

Unique Features

  • Providing instant, easy, and secure access to remote applications.
  • Meeting user demand for a consistent experience as they access information.
  • Reducing the complexity of delivering and maintaining virtual applications.
  • Ensuring application compatibility across any operating system.
  • Supporting a wide range of endpoint device types.
  • Increasing data security and controlling access to information.
  • Enabling business mobility.

How Tally works on Cloud

Since today these were the only options available for you to work with Tally
  • You had to go to your office to work on Tally.
  • You had to call up office for any information as per available time of your accountant
  • You had to get a copy of Tally data home to work or review peacefully.
  • You had to take a copy of Tally data to your auditor’s office for finalization.
  • You had to get reports in mail or even print daily, weekly as may be required.
  • You had to synchronize multiple branch data for consolidation of accounts.
  • You had to take continuous backup of Tally data as you don’t know when it may crash.
  • These ways became history now like fountain pens and analogue phones. Now you can open and work on Tally instantly from anywhere and get up-to-date information or reports Without need for synchronization or calling somebody. And most surprisingly, you just don’t Need even Tally software on your system. No barriers. No dependencies. No limitations. No hassles. No data crashes. No virus issues. Do it your way with peace of mind!
  • The future is already here. Work on Tally from anywhere now.
  • The boundaries of your office will no longer be relevant. You can get real-time information on any function at aggregated or transaction level remotely from the centralized database. Your data will reside in your premise or cloud or both as per your choice and comfort. You will be identified as a user and provided the necessary range of information and options as per your eligibility keeping it safe and secure.
  • Your business information has been made easily accessible for you anytime, anywhere with power to transform your business size and shape with faster and effective decisions. This will definitely accelerate your business growth and performance. So, your business doesn’t need you at a specific location, instead, it will come straight to you wherever you are.
  • No additional software or additional setup is required. Just your computer and an Internet connection will be enough. You can work from anywhere with ability to give flexible functionality based on the login levels. Highest possible data transmission security adapted.
  • It can work wonders in a way, nobody couldn’t have even imagined before.
  • Work on Tally without having Tally installed on local machine.
  • Just a click away simple Operation with excellent speed & performance.
  • Maintenance free dedicated infrastructure as a service.
  • Simultaneous data entry from multiple remote branches.
  • Centralized Data without need for Synchronization.
  • Local Printing on any printer without any hassles.
  • Central deployment of Security & Control features.
  • Instant cash flow visibility with up to the minute status for faster decisions.
  • Accept and confirm orders while sitting with a customer.
  • Transfer stocks, Effect deliveries, verify balances, collect payments on the move.