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About US

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About US

We at Sunsoft IT Solutions are 20 Years old company providing eRP and IT Solutions specially in Tally Sales, Support, Customization, Integration and Implementation.

Tally Online is a part of Sunsoft IT Solutions. We are based on the strong 20+ years’ experience in providing Tally Sales, Support, Customize and Integration. That goes to say that we are well aware of the best practices and methodologies to implement and support Tally. We can fulfill all your tally needs in a very competent manner. That goes to say that you can depend on us for your requirements of tally customization, integration and support services.

A moderate start in the year 2000 by a young enthusiast Mr. Sunny Bhatia, Sunsoft has built on the faith its customers showed in its services. This faith didn’t come to us naturally but was earned by earnest efforts and unconditional support and services offered in a timely manner. We have faced many challenges in the journey and have learnt a lot from our hardships. This is what made us an expert in Tally customization, integration and support services.

Today Sunsoft IT Solutions is a team of few very object-oriented individuals who just compete with one another only to offer better solutions to any requirement our clients may have. Why? They do it for that unmatchable reward which reflects on the faces of our customers in the form of a smile of satisfaction when things are made to work the way they had wanted them to. Yes, that is the most precious reward which we strive for.

No matter how petty a problem you come across. If it’s with tally, we have got a solution ready for you. We don’t weigh our clients from the size of problem they bring to us, but we treat every client equally valuable and serve promptly on a short notice. That is why our clientele has been constantly increasing day by day. Every day at least a new client comes up with a new query to us. Everyday almost!

Our Tally support and services include consultancy, design, development, implementation and training. But our services do not stop with Tally implementation only, but we can even guide you through the ways it works well and the ways you can get the most out of it. We can handle a complete turnkey project including Software, Networking, Security, Accounting and Business Practices, Internet Technologies and overall enterprise resource planning i.e. eRP too.

Tally is growing every day, and there is always something new to learn. We keep learning every day so that we can suggest the best and latest solution to our clients.

If it is Tally, contact Sunsoft IT Solutions.